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This web page is a companion to the review entitled Structural determinants of SMAD Function in TGF-β Signaling, by Maria J. Macias, Pau Martin-Malpartida and Joan Massagué; and published in Trends in Biochemical Sciences. You can access this article here.


A menu bar is shown on top of the page. You can use this menu to navigate the web-app. The app is divided into different sections. On the rightmost side of the menu there is a help button, it will show how to use the web-app.


Not much is required to run the web-app, the only condition is that the combination of web-browser and video drivers must support webGL, the technology that allows 3D images in a web browser. In our experience, the latest Chrome or Firefox versions should work. For problems related to the 3D display, please check webgl.org.


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